Wallet and Payment

The Service provides each account with a unique Wallet to ensure the conservation and the use of FRK and Fraktions within the Service. Users are also able to connect their own wallet (such as MetaMask). External wallets relies on an experimental technology independant of the Service. Therefore, the Service should not be held liable for any technical default, hacking or loss of the data stored on the Wallet. Users are free to use the Wallet to execute transactions within the Service. He/She may credit or debit the Wallet with his/her own FRK and Collectibles at any time, within the limits defined by the Service. Credit card payments made through the Frak Marketplace are handled by the electronic money institution listed the Frak Marketplace (the "Electronic Money Institution"). You contract directly with the Electronic Money Institution for the processing of such payments by accepting its terms and conditions by means of a checkbox.

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